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Chapter Tool Loan Policy

Chapter tools are for member use only.
Tools are expected to be returned in the condition in which they were checked out.
Tools are to be checked out for a maximum of 30 days.
Tools must be checked back in before they will be made available to the next member.
Members will check tools in and out through the tool coordinator or a chapter officer in the "Tool Coordinator's absence. 
The tool inventory will be posted on the cabinet at TOB. 
The goal is to try to encourage members who want to use chapter tools to be active chapter members as well and if somebody outside the chapter wants access to them, that the conversation should first start with "How can I become a member of the Chapter?"

EAA Chapter 100 has numerous specialized tools available to help people build and maintain their airplanes.  These are tools which are not readily available or only needed a few times -- but they are needed.  To help builders and maintainers avoid having to purchase a specialized  tool,  we are making some available to builders and maintainers.

They are available to members and non-members as  long a member checks them out for the non-member and is responsible for them.  They are not to be used for commercial use.  Borrowing them only takes the approval of a tools monitor and filling out a short form.  Tool monitors are:  Gordy Westphal, Dwayne Hora and any chapter officer.

We are also asking anyone who has specialized tools that others would find useful to donate them to the chapter or at least make them available to other builders.  The value of a donated tool could possibly be used as a donation to a non-profit organization.

The following tools should be in the terminal tool box or out on loan
Aircraft scales
Engine hoist
Spray gun
Degreaser gun
24 36 and 50 (inch very heavy) sheet aluminum brakes
1/4 and 3/8 inch tubing bender (makes full circles such as wing tips 20 inch dia and larger)
Parker flaring tool (no 1/8 inch adapter for primer tubing)
Engine compression gage and adapter for 18mm plugs (need 12 and 14mm)
Spark plug tool gap checker
Magneto timer
2 paint booth blowers
1/2 inch torque wrench (spring style)
Safety wire pliers
Fluting pliers
Cable tensionometer (spring style no indicator gage)
9/16 inch cylinder wrench.
A HobbyAir powered respirator and mask for painting aircraft.
A fuel line bending and flaring tool – can flare 1/8” primer lines.

Ron Beitel  is willing to loan the below tools to members .  If interested, email Ron at (

small air compressor that is perfect for using an air drill or rivet puller. It doesn’t have a very large capacity tank, so it can’t handle large buffing and sanding projects. 
Aviation tin snips, 
Blind Rivet puller
Air drill
Some large deep well sockets

These tools (equipment) are available at other locations
Engine hoist

The following are tools we would like someone to donate or provide on a loan basis.
Brake relining tools
Swaging tools for battery cables and 1/8 inch control cables
1/2 inch cylinder wrench
Wheel bearing grease and grease insertion tool
Rod end bearing greaser for 3/16 to 3/8 inch shaft diameter bearings
All types of riveting tools and accessories,