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June 16, 2019

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Chapter T-Shirts are NOT available now: The store at is closed for now.  When we build up enough demand to run a batch of shirts we will re-open the store.  Please let Jeff Hanson know if you want to order some shirts so we can determine the demand.  These were only available to order before April 28th 2017. Order your shirt(s) NOW! The link will close April 28th. We want them in time for our Young Eagles Rally.  To do the bulk printing we need a bulk order so they can all be printed at once. We can reopen the store/website in the future if we have enough demand for another bulk run.

Lots of colors, sizes and styles. There are four different shirt options: short sleeve T with a pocket, short sleeve T without a pocket, long sleeve T (no pockets), and a hooded pullover sweatshirt. They are duplicated in two groups: one group is light shirts with black ink and the other is dark shirts with white ink. That way you know exactly what you are getting versus having the store determine which colors are two dark for black ink and which colors are too light for white ink.

It would be nice if chapter members working the flight line would wear the “Safety Green” (looks yellow to me) shirts.  But this is not a requirement and anyone can order/wear any color and style they want.  It would just be nice if we all had a chapter 100 shirt on during public activities.  Members pay online but NOTE:  When checking out it will ask for your address and then on the next page it will ask for “Shipping Method”.  UPS Ground is the default and you do not want that.  Change the method to “Pick-up Inspire Ink by Images FREE”.  They will package individual orders in individual packages and put all these packages in one container for Jeff to pick up.  We will have them available for you at our events.

Shirts are uni-sex and printing is done in Kasson.