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To sign up for the next meeting, go to:, and then mouse over "Activities, Courses, Seminars & Webinars" and select "Seminars & Webinars".  Search using a zip of 55902 and 1 mile.  Go to the bottom of  the next window and click the blue link (IMC Club Meeting)  This sign up is so we don't over-sell the available chairs.  It also helps me give you FAA Wings credit.  If you don't want to use this system, just contact me.  Dick Fechter, (507) 272-5099 (text or talk), or email

What's IMC Club?  

It's about 15-25 pilots sitting around discussing our aeronautical decision making opinions about how we might handle challenging IMC situations.  The idea is to gain knowledge by thinking about potential IFR problems and  listening to the ideas of fellow aviators .

Its purpose is to promote instrument flying, proficiency, and safety. The intent is to create a community of pilots willing to share information, provide recognition, foster communications, promote safety, and build proficiency in instrument flying.  IMC Club chapters offer monthly meetings in which pilots can network and share knowledge and experiences.

If you like "Hangar Flying" you'll like IMC Club meetings.

For information from the website about IMC Clubs in general - click here

Meeting Information:
Date and Time:  2nd Wednesday of each Month 1900-2000 Local.
Weather Cancellations - Check this website if it's doubtful.  Don't forget to refresh your browser.
CAP Facilities which is just below Great Planes Aviation
Rochester IAP, MN 
7300 Brataas Drive SW 
1st floor,  Rochester, MN 55902
Take the County Rd 16 SW exit off Highway 63 to the west.  Take the "General Aviation" turn-in that is just west of the airline terminal turn-in.  Great Planes Aviation is the first building as you drive toward Signature Flight Support.  It is sometimes referred to as the "Old Weather Building".  The door is on the SE side of the building.
Fly-ins can park at Signature Flight Support and walk to the Great Planes Aviation Building.  Tell Signature you are there for the IMC Club meeting and there will not be a handling fee.
Meetings should not last more than 1 hour.

IMC Club Forum

The IMC Club Coordinator is:
Dick Fechter
(507) 272-5099 (text or talk)

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Links from/for the March 2018 meeting

These videos are in a .zip format that will extract to mp4 files.  You should be able to save the .zip file to your computer, then open it to watch them at home.  Let me know if you have problems.
NASA Icing for General Aviation Pilots - (we left off at about the 24 minute mark)
AOPA Ice Video by Dick Collins (we did not get to this video)
Here are the details for the question of the month that we never got to either.
Question -- Your diversion airport only has an ILS. You shoot the ILS and land safely but then realize you have not performed a VOR check within 30 days of this flight, your further realize to additional chagrin that your GPS database is out of date. Were you legal enroute? Were you legal on the ILS?
Answer -- If you verified your waypoints against paper chart data, then you can use an expired GPS database for enroute and terminal operations but not an approach. This information is best verified from the Garmin supplement (attached) in para. 2.3. a): "IFR enroute and terminal navigation is prohibited unless the pilot verifies the currency of the database or verifies each selected waypoint for accuracy by reference to currently approved data. So, if you did not verify each waypoint, you were illegal.
Explanation -- Refer to FAR 91-171; a VOR check is required if you use VOR navigational aids on an IFR flight. An ILS, while it may look like it is part of a VOR receiver is not verified under this regulation or testing methodology. Nothing in a VOR check conducted under 91-171 verifies your ILS accuracy. If in doubt it must be verified by avionics shop with an appropriate ILS test fixture.