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Young Eagle Volunteer Information
(pdf printable copy)

Please click here to SIGN UP as a Young Eagle volunteer.  This takes you to the Signup Genius web site.  If you don't remember or don't have a user name and password you can create one.  The "Youth Protection Program" is good for 3 years, so if you did it last year you are good for this year.  We need lots more help on the ground!


 Volunteer:                    Everyone helping at the rally

Ground Crew:              Everyone helping on the ground

Young Eagle Team:    The group of Young Eagles who ground school and fly together.  Usually one to three youth per team.  (or just “Team”)

Team Leader:              The Ground Crew Person who controls the Team

YE                                  Young Eagle - youth between ages 8 and 17 who intend to fly.

Pilot                               The, responsible, skillful, assured and expertly trained person who is in total command of the airplane and passengers.  i.e. Responsible for the safety and well being of every passenger

Date & Times:

Volunteers should be in place before 0745, Sept. 23rd (There is NO weather backup date)

We are asking YEs to arrive between 0830 and 1030, but we expect them to start showing up before 0830

We expect each YE to take about 1½ hours between arrival and departure to/from the airport

We hope to have all YEs flown and out the gate by 1200.

We will start the separate General Aviation picnic/party at Dave Nelson's hangar shortly after 1200.

YE Station times:

Initial paperwork about 15 minutes

Ground training about 15 minutes

At/in the airplane about 20 minutes

Post-flight paperwork about 10 minutes


We will - again - have a tent set up in front of the old weather building, which is now home for the CAP and Great Planes Aviation - just to the east of Signature.


Dave Nelson will brief YE Pilots about 0750

Dick Fechter will brief Ground Crew about 0750


Ground Crew:

The Youth Protection program would be nice, but not required. Reference

Ground Crew do not need to be an EAA member.

Team Leaders (Ground Crew who lead individual YE Teams)

Ideally, we will have more than twice as many Team Leaders as we have pilots/airplanes

Team Leaders will educate the Young Eagles, keep them busy, and well clear of any running aircraft.

Make sure Mom or Dad have signed the waiver form.

Team Leaders will lead Young Eagle Teams from beginning to end while they are at the airport. They will turn the team over to the pilot, then wait for the team to return and escort the team to get their logbooks. Another team leader will have a second YE Team ready for departure.

It would be nice, but not necessary for the Team Leader to provide the ground briefing on how airplanes fly. Do this by walking the YE Team around a static airplane, showing control surfaces, etc. We should have a several static airplanes for this. Additionally, each Team Leader should explain to the YE Team about opportunities to learn to fly and available aviation scholarships.

Pilots. The Young Eagles pilot requirements are basic, but MUST be followed.

Complete both the online training and basic background check as a part of EAA's Youth Protection Policy ( Only takes about 15 minutes to apply but 2-3 weeks for approval. Use 000-00-0000 for your SSN on the application.

Be a current EAA member and hold an appropriate airman's certificate (sport pilot or greater)

Possess a current medical certificate (if applicable)

Be current to carry passengers in the aircraft you plan to use

Have a current flight review

Complete the Young Eagles registration form before the flight, including parent or legal guardian signature, and pilot signature

Conduct flights in an aircraft that is in airworthy condition

Have aircraft passenger liability insurance for the aircraft used (owned, rented, or borrowed)

Adhere to all applicable Federal Air Rules (FARs)

nsurance Coverage: As an EAA member participating in the Young Eagles program, you are eligible for an additional $1 million of passenger liability insurance coverage, if you carry a minimum of $100,000 per seat liability insurance. This coverage is automatically in place when flying Young Eagles; there are no additional forms to complete. In addition to these requirements, you must also meet the current Federal Air rules (FARs) for the pilot certificate you hold.


Email: "". This goes to Dave Nelson and Dick Fechter.

Dave Nelson at 507-358-1692 (voice or text).

Dick Fechter at 507-272-5099. (voice or text).


Social Media (like Face Book):

Please send an announcement to everyone you can about this event

Free airplane rides - Youth ages 8 to 17 can have a free airplane ride…………

Posters: Download printable Posters - 8.5 x 11" page or, Half-Sized version (2 posters on one 8.5 x 11" page.

Preparation Work


Dave is working on getting you some free gas! - No promises.

We will try to have labels for each pilot so they don't have to fill out applications and log books with their information. But, bring a pen anyway.

If you plan to fly Young Eagles, I would like to have the following information to make the labels and provide me with your contact information

Full name

Email address

Mobile Phone number for talk and text

Youth Protection card date

EAA number

If you are a member of chapter 100 and/or SEMN FC

Type airplane, available seats and tail number of the airplane you intend to fly.

 I have some of this information from earlier this year. Go to to see if I need more information from you

Porta-Potties - Coordinated by Signature Flight Support

Download this page in .pdf printable format

Separate Picnic/Party

There is a General Aviation Party in the afternoon. See poster at bottom of this page.  Click the picture for a .pdf copy to print.