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Young Eagles Rally

The September 23rd 2017 Rally turned out to be more than we could handle and we had to turn away potential Young Eagles.  We apologize for this inconvenience but we have a limited number of approved pilots available and we flew about 145 Young Eagles.   If you were one of those who did not get a ride, please send an email to and we will try to arrange a make-up flight for you.  

Dates and times for 2018 Young Eagles Rallies

May 12, 2018 and September 22, 2018.
Be there between 0830 and 1030 -- First come, First served

Please see this link for the National EAA Website for Young Eagles

Costs: None to the Young Eagles or their parents.  The EAA pilots cover most of the flying expenses.  Other sponsors and supporters for this Rally include: the local EAA Chapter, Southeast Minnesota Flying Club, Signature Flight Support, Rochester International Airport and Majestic Tents of Rochester. (EAA stands for Experimental Aircraft Association,

Initial Gathering Place: Rochester International Airport located west of Highway 63, south of Rochester and north of I-90. Take the County Rd 16 SW exit off Highway 63 to the west.  Take the "General Aviation" turn-in that is just west of the airline terminal turn-in.  The tent will be located on the airplane side of the fence, just before 7300 Brataas Drive SW (Signature Flight Support). 

Start Time: Please plan to arrive BETWEEN 8:30 AM and 1030 AM.   It will take about 1˝ hours from start to finish for each “Young Eagle” and we would like to be finished by noon.  In other words, if you arrive at 8:30, you should be done by 10:00.  Or, if you arrive at 10:30, you should be done by noon.  "First come, first served".

Sign In: Young Eagles (the kids to fly) will need their Mom, Dad or Guardian to fill out and sign the Registration form, pick up their log book and other freebees.  We encourage parents to accompany their Young Eagle during the rally (except for the flight).  Registration forms will be available at the rally but you can save rally time by downloading it and filling it out at home.  Click hear to download the registration form. (Don't mail it)

Ground Training: Young Eagles will get a short course from pilots about what to expect on their flights, what makes airplanes fly, how they are controlled and answers to all their aviation questions. Actual airplanes will be used for the ground training aids.
All of that education usually takes 10-15 minutes.

Airplane Ride: After that, the Young Eagles will go for their ride, and are usually put into the next available seat unless they have a preference (such as a friend or neighbor that is acting as a pilot). The flights will last about 15 minutes.

Take Away: If this introduction to aviation inspires a Young Eagle to do more, more is available - free to them. They will get a free membership in EAA including online magazine and web access. Sporty's Pilot Shop donates a free on-line flying course to every Young Eagle. Passing this course provides the Young Eagle a a free flying lesson and then paths to flight training scholarships.

The episode at the airport will probably be 1 - 1˝ hours, assuming the pilots are keeping up with the number of Young Eagles.

Questions: You can send an email to and it will go to: Dave Nelson.

Printable (pdf) copy of the above information

Registration Form: 
Click picture to download printable copy. Click to download printable copy

Young Eagles Registration Form.  If possible, please download and fill this out before the Rally to save time at the Rally.  DO NOT MAIL THIS TO ANYONE.  Just fill it out and bring it to the rally.  If you do not fill it out ahead of time, we will have more blank copies available at the rally.


Link to EAA's Young Eagle Website


Scanned Brochures and Flyers:

Your Guide to the Young Eagle Experience.

What is Young Eagles all about?

Your Aviation Journey Begins Hear!

The Young Eagle Flight is Just the Beginning

Click the picture below to download a printable (pdf) 8.5"x11" copy of our FlyerOr,  Click here to download 2 flyers per 8.5"x11".

Please post these everywhere and tell people about this great opportunity via Face Book and other social media and point them to .


  Link to YE Volunteer information